SunnCamp Esteemed Air

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Esteemed Air, inflatable tent


Our new, fully rail-mounted Esteemed Air awning with air system. This new model has the same characteristics as our Icon Air, but has a new depth of 250 cm.

A right or right extension is also available.


The Esteemed Air is fully equipped with our AirVolution technology. This awning can be pumped up from one point.
An awning that is guaranteed to be simple and effortless to set up, in addition, the Esteemed Air offers a spacious living space.
The Esteemed Air has been developed and executed with high quality materials and has the familiar features of SunnCamp with attention to detail.

PRO-TEK 300D tent cloth from SunnCamp
A new super strong 300D high density fabric has been specially developed by SunnCamp's technical department. The PRO-TEK 300D is four times stronger than the 75D material and our new waterproof weaving and coating technology keeps the cloth its flexibility and softness while keeping it perfectly in shape. The cloth has the property that it is easy to tighten tightly. PRO-TEK 300D has a high tensile strength and offers the right protection against the elements and UV light.

The set-up is easy ... connect the pump to the valve and pump the awning up to the correct pressure of 7 psi (≈0.5 bar). Close the valve and the intermediate valves. Tighten the tent and your awning is ready for use!


Inflating, stretching, ready!



  • Air Volution Single Inflation
  • Removable removable side panels with mesh
  • LED light bags (for optional LED light system).
  • Removable panels with porch option
  • Multi-zip curtains on all windows
  • Draft strip with ventilation panels
  • Pre-fitted storm buckles and straps
  • Pre-attached guy lines


Optional extras

  • Luxury awning carpet
  • Change rod
  • Air expansion
  • Vertical storm stand


Available in the following sizes:


Size 8 825 - 850cm
Size 9 850 - 875cm
Size 10 875 - 900cm
Size 11 900 - 925cm
Size 12 925 - 950cm
Size 13 950 - 975cm
Size 14 975 - 1000cm
Size 15 1000 - 1025cm
Size 16 1025 - 1050cm
Size 17 1050 - 1075cm


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