Eurotrail Bahia Tableware with Anti-slip 16 pieces

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16-piece table service with an original and trendy design. Crockery is made of a sturdy Melamine suitable for the dishwasher. The crockery is equipped with an anti-slip ring at the bottom so that it cannot slide on the table if, for example, the table is not straight or on the boat. The drinking cups can be stacked by the open handle so that they take up little cupboard space.

4x Dinner plate Ø 26.5×2.3 cm, 295 gr.
4x Breakfast plate Ø 21.8 x 2.0 cm, 220 gr.
4x Soup plate/bowl Ø 20.4 x 5.5 cm, 190 gr.
4x Cup 11.5×8.8×9.9cm, 300ml, 108gr.

Material: 100% Melamine
Color: Black/Blue

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