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“I was quite skeptical, but my boat cover and cockpit cover are indeed like new again.” -(REVIEW) W. Groenier

•As professionals, we have seen the most soiled canvases pass by.

•In some cases, the dirt is deeply set in.

•Spider droppings can leave black spots.

• Dirt can stick firmly to the canvas.

• With Ultramar Power Cleaner you can even clean a heavily soiled boat cover, convertible top, tent or awning.

• First clean the canvas with Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo for an optimal result


Why always clean and impregnate in 3 steps?

• The dirt on your boat cover, convertible or tent never consists of 1 type of dirt. It is sand, soot from exhaust gases, mould, algae and mosses, insect and bird droppings, salt, lime, etc.

• You can never properly remove that dirt with 1 product.

• Always clean in 2 steps. This way you can be sure that the cloth is perfectly clean.

•After that, the impregnating agent adheres much better to the cloth. And that in turn ensures that the canvas remains clean and waterproof for much longer.

Use it with:

• Deeply absorbed pollution in the canvas.

• Difficult stains in the tent cloth or boat cover.

• Stains from spiders, mosquitoes and flies.


1.Apply Ultramar Power Cleaner to the dry cloth.

2. Rub in with a soft brush.

3.Let it act for about 1 hour.

4.Don't see any change? Spray a little extra Power Cleaner and brush again.

5.Let withdraw again. Repeat until the stains are gone. This can take several hours.

6. Rinse well with a brush and plenty of water.


The consumption depends on the type of cloth: 1 litre: between 8 m² and 15 m².


After use, treat with a strong impregnating agent to make the cloth waterproof and protect it


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