BoCamp Urban outdoor table Richmond

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Bo-Camp Urban outdoor table Richmond


A luxurious bamboo table with a stylish finish. This waterproof table is folded out in one movement! Then simply and compactly collapsible and therefore ideal for on the road, in the park, on the balcony, in the garden or just indoors. This table has a bamboo table top and a lightweight aluminum frame. The legs are adjustable in 2 different heights (36/55 cm).



  • A very stable and compact table.
  • Can be set up in one movement!
  • A stylish waterproof bamboo table top.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Adjustable in height (36/55 cm).
Article number: 1404660
Brand: Bo-Camp


Color: Brown
Material: Aluminium
Product length: 40
Product width: 70
Product height: 55
Net weight: 4.2
Package length: 12
Package width: 44
Package height: 42
Package weight: 4.6
Adjustable: Yes
Frame material: Aluminium
Heat resistant blade: Yes
Blade material: Bamboo
Moisture resistant sheet: Yes
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