Vuplex plastic cleaner 445ml

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Plastic / plastic

Although plastic has many advantages, this material also has weak points. When cleaning with most cleaning agents, fine, superficial scratches are easily formed, resulting in dirt accumulation and a matt surface.

VuPlex® prevents and repairs.


How does VuPlex® work?

The five results of VuPlex® in one quick action.

VuPlex® cleans through the use of safe ingredients that do not damage the surface.

It applies a fine coating to the surface, which protects the plastic against (micro) scratches.

The wax layer provides a barrier against water and other weather conditions that lead to aging and loss of brightness.

VuPlex® has an anti-static effect. This means that other abrasive materials, such as dust, sand, dirt, etc., can not adhere well and prevents damage.

VuPlex® restores the shine and gives a bright, new look to the surface.

The finish is not sticky or greasy and this glossy result can be achieved in just a few seconds.


What can Vuplex be used for?

To be used with:

Airplanes, boats, motorcycles, cars, caravans, high-gloss furniture, cleaning of slats, plasma & LCD screens

Cleaning instructions

Shake the VuPlex® can well before use!

Spray VuPlex® on surface and wipe with a soft, cotton / terry towel. With new plastic / plastic you can also work with a microfibre cloth. So simple

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