Reda Eriba Touring Awning

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Eriba Touring Awning


The Lucca Eriba has been specially developed for Eriba Touring and Feeling riders. This solid awning is your ideal travel partner. Thanks to the zip-out side walls and optional front wall, the arched awning can be used flexibly as an arched awning or a simple arched awning.

Extremely suitable for touring
The Lucca ERIBA is lightweight, quick to set up and fully equipped. Thanks to the tube tunnels with zipper in the roof and side walls, the fabric is easily tensioned. The side walls and wings (wind triangles) are equipped with luxurious tension straps on all corners. This way you can tighten the side wall in no time! On the caravan side, the connection slits are equipped with a foam cushion to keep the awning free of drafts.

Quality as you have come to expect from us
The arched canopy is made of TenCate All Season Touring 240grams. The roof has a light print so that dirt on your awning is less noticeable. Everything is finished with UV-resistant piping tape, which makes it last many years longer. All spiral zippers are 10mm and extensively tested. These zippers are protected because we have applied a zipper cover against sunlight, rain and dirt.

Naturally you hope for a sunny camping holiday, but this is not always the case. That is why the Lucca ERIBA can be easily tensioned using storm straps. You will find these on both corners of the front of the awning. You can also tension the arched awning in the middle by placing the supplied center post and tensioning it with a storm strap. All storm strap adapters are integrated into the awning so that they can be tensioned tightly.

Expansion options:
– Front wall with ventilation (only available in Solid Anthracite)
* A front wall creates a real combination awning with the properties of an awning. The front wall can be ordered later, but the arched canopy must be sent to REDA.
– Curtains
* Curtains are supplied including curtain mounting.
– Storm straps
*The arched awnings are equipped with 3 storm strap mounting clips as standard. These clips are integrated and, in combination with storm straps, can provide the arched awning with extra protection against weather influences.

Supplied as standard with:
– Standard 28mm aluminum frame with Quick-Grips
* Free-standing frame for extra stability.
– Removable wings (wind triangles)
* Ideal against the wind and for extra stability.
– Optionally placeable center stand
* Thanks to the folding center cross piece, the center post can be removed.
– Draft strip and wheel flap
* Draft strip and wheel flap made of easy-to-clean high-quality polyester coated on both sides, ideal against drafts.
– Spacious fitting slits with foam cushions
* On the caravan side, the connection slits are equipped with a foam cushion to keep the awning free of drafts.
– Guying material
* Supplied as standard with high-quality plastic and steel pegs, which can be tensioned using step tensioners.
– Frame bag and carrying bag
* Spacious storage pockets to keep your belongings neat and organized.
– Manuals and frame drawing
* To assemble your arched canopy neatly and properly, always save your frame drawing to order any parts.

Special details:
– Tube tunnels with 10mm zipper
* For easy tensioning of the arched awning in both the roof and side walls
- Room
* Folding center crosspiece
– UV-resistant piping tape
* Durable, wear-resistant, and easy to clean
– Wings
* Removable wings for extra stability and against the wind
– Design convenience
* Luxury tensioners equipped with UV-resistant strap with stainless steel D-ring
– Stability
* Fixing base with 2 peg holes
– Strong
*Extra strong 10mm zippers only

*Sizes in centimeters.
Are you unsure about the right size? Please contact our specialists. Our specialists are ready to help you.

  • Light in weight
  • High-quality materials
  • Quick to set up
  • Strong construction
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