Reda Lucca 240 Lazise FrontPRO front wall

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FrontPRO Front wall: Maximum shelter and comfort for your arched awning

Discover the ultimate addition to your arched awning with the FrontPRO front wall, designed to completely enclose your Lucca 240, Lucca 270, Room 120 or Room 240 caravan awning or awning awning. This front wall combines functionality with elegance and offers you a spacious extension.

Features of the FrontPRO front wall

– Complete Shielding:
With the FrontPRO front wall you can enjoy maximum privacy and protection. Completely close off your camping space and create a cozy and secluded environment in which you can fully relax.

– Clear Windows for Natural Light:
The front wall features beautiful clear windows that let in natural light and let you enjoy the outdoor scenery. Sizes 8 to 12E have 2 windows available, while sizes 13 to 15E even have 4 windows.

– Double Spacious Doors:
Convenience is a priority. The FrontPRO front wall comes with two generous doors (left and right), each equipped with luxurious clips for hassle-free access. These doors ensure that you can get in and out effortlessly.

– Perfect Connection with Zipper:
The front wall is securely and seamlessly attached to your awning thanks to a sturdy 10 mm zipper. Enjoy a tight and secure mounting that protects your camping space against the elements.

Ventilation option and Veranda option :
Maintain a comfortable atmosphere with the lockable ventilation option in the ridge of the front wall. In addition, you can hang the wall parts individually or create a veranda effect, giving you flexibility to customize your space as you wish.

The FrontPRO front wall takes your camping experience to a higher level. With its full shielding, clear windows, double doors and versatile configuration options, this front wall offers the ideal balance between comfort and practicality.


Weight: 7kg

dimensions: 117x24x16cm

color: solid anthracite


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