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Quick Canopy


The Quick Travel Canopy is one of our fastest-mountable canopies from our range. This awning is specially designed for campers who pull around and stands within a few minutes. Thanks to the storm tires, the awning no longer has to be tensioned with guy lines. You can assemble the Quick awning completely to your liking, the awning itself meets with three uprights, as soon as you extend it to a full awning you can use a complete frame.

Awning depth: 220cm

Roof: Equipped with 4mm fix-on tendon for the screwless tent eye brackets (fix-on blocks). Left, right and in the middle at the front of the roof, strip belt attachment points (except size 1, this does not have an attachment point in the middle).

Side wall (optional): With or without window, the wall is fitted by a tunnel with a zipper pushed into a roof beam.

Front wall (optional): With window and roll-up door, the front wall is fitted tube tunnels with zipper in the front beams of the frame.

Frame: Extensive options depending on usage. The awning canopy is available with a frame or pole set of steel or aluminum, optional power-grips.

Weight: approx. 5KG (in size 1)
Standard color: anthracite / gray
Roof material: Ten Cate
Material front wall / side walls: Ten Cate
(easy to clean)

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