Reda Jubilee Windjammer

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Completely new in our range are our jubilee arch wind screens, these unique windbreaks are super robust and modern in design. The screen of the windshield is made of Ten-Cate WR-18 tent cloth (240 Grams) and the frame is made of 25mm aluminum rods of which the corner pieces are double-walled, (this is very unique in the industry and extremely strong!). The wind screens are anchored to the ground by means of 4 anchors and on the top there are 8 tension points to attach a storm band. In addition, the frame is brought to tension by means of power grips. The frame is completely self-supporting. Height sides 100cm, height center 147cm and total width 470cm.

Weight: Approximately 9KG


- Jubilee windscreen 1/3 window
- Jubilee windscreen 3x XL window
- Jubilee windshield closed

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