SunnCamp Swift Verao Air 260 Van High

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Swift Verao Air Van 260 Tall

Designed as a quick fit non-drive away shelter with added dual beading allowing it also to fit into most fitted wind out blinds or pre-fitted or aftermarket rails (check with your dealer). With quick pitch and take down it makes an ideal shelter at a fantastic price!


  • Non drive-away 
  • Dual beading 6mm / 4.2mm
  • Curtains on all windows 
  • Side doors with airflow doorways 
  • External peggable mud wall for extra weather protection
  • Height range: 250 - 265cm 
  • Approx. pack size: 65 x 30cm 
  • Approx. weight: 10kg 

Optional Extras: 

  • Luxury carpet 
  • Breathable groundsheet  
  • Canopy pole set 
  • Adjustable roof pole 
  • Two berth inner tent 


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