Eriba Touring Ravenna awning

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Eriba touring Ravenna sliding awning


The Ravenna ERIBA is specially designed for the ERIBA Touring series. Thanks to the flexible side wall of the Ravenna, the side wall can be placed on the left or right, depending on the wind direction. The awning offers ample shelter from the weather thanks to the depth of 240cm. The awning is equipped with a fix-on tendon for screwless tent eyes called fix-on blocks.

Fast and sheltered!
You can set up the Ravenna ERIBA travel awning using three 25mm aluminum Quick-grip uprights supplied. A roof beam with a bend is optional for easier tensioning of the roof.

Quality as you are used to from us:
This travel awning is made of TenCate. Everything is trimmed with UV-resistant piping, which makes it last for many years longer.

Expansion options:
– Aluminum roof beam with kink 25mm Quick-grip
* Helps expand the roof easily and creates more standing height.
– Universal storm strap set of 3
* For extra stabilization and securing of your travel awning.

Supplied as standard with:
– Tensioning material
* Supplied as standard with high-quality plastic pegs and guy ropes.
– Storage bag
* Spacious storage bag to keep your travel awning neat and orderly.
– Manuals and frame drawing
* To build up your travel awning neatly and properly, always save your frame drawing to reorder parts if necessary.

Special details:
– UV-resistant piping
* Durable, wear-resistant, and easy to clean

  • Can be set up quickly
  • High-quality materials
  • Light in weight
  • flexible
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