Polaris Nova 240 awning with side walls

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The Polaris Nova Awning 240 for the awning is characterized by the same minimalistic but well thought-out design as the Nova 300 awning. Style and ease of use go hand in hand.

The awning can be easily attached to the awnings with the supplied coupling strips. YKK storm clips are also mounted in the roof.

Because the awning and awning are specifically designed for each other, they fit seamlessly together and this ensures a huge expansion of your living space at the campsite.

The tensioning ensures that the awning can be tensioned tightly. Due to the ladder elastics, the forces are nicely distributed over the awning. Because the ladder tensioners are somewhat elastic, this prevents the mounting hooks from tearing out.

This awning comes standard with detachable side walls. These can be conveniently attached to the roof with the YKK zippers.

The roof of the Nova Canopy 240 is seamlessly fabricated to prevent possible leakage. The awning comes standard with a robust 28mm steel frame and includes Polaris easygrips for easy mounting.

The fabric for the roof of this awning is produced by Mehler and thus we guarantee high quality and a long service life. The zippers are produced by YKK and are interchangeable, which means that all our awnings, awning parts and extensions always fit together. Now and in the future.

An awning does not work with a circumference size like an awning. The point with an awning is that it fits the front of the awning. There is a label with the measurements in the awning. You must then order the same circumference size in an awning.


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