Campout Nova 250 and 300

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The Campout Nova 250 and 300

The Nova 250/300 awning combines luxurious and innovative design with optimal ease of use.

You can attach this awning to the extra tendon with the screwless mounting system, for a tight and strong installation on your caravan, and it can be perfectly tensioned, thanks to our smart extra corner tensioning. The ladder tensioners are made of elastic rubber, which prevents tearing. The ladder shape also allows the forces to be nicely distributed across the tent.
With the included multifunctional connection triangles, this awning fits both standard and aerodynamic caravans.

The roof is made of Mehler Airtex 240, a strong woven polyester fabric made in Germany, with which we guarantee high quality and a long lifespan. We opted for a seamless roof, so it is guaranteed waterproof and storm-proof.
Our zippers and storm clips are from the YKK brand. This premium brand of zippers is also used in NASA space suits and suits for deep-sea divers. Optimal reliability! The zippers in the NOVA collection are standardized, which means that all awning parts, awnings and extensions always fit together.

The white curtains give the awning a luxurious finish and fresh appearance. And with the draft strip and wheel flap in the same color as the mudguard and mudguard, a harmonious whole is created. For extra ventilation (during prolonged wet weather or moisture in the morning), we recommend temporarily removing part of the draft strip or wheel flap. We have chosen to place the ridge ventilation high in the tent to ensure optimal efficiency.

This sleek, 250cm or 300cm deep awning is equipped with a 28mm steel frame as standard. The Nova 300 offers many additional ventilation options; not only in the ridge of the front wall, but two ventilation meshes per side wall!

The front of the awning has two entrances. The side walls are also equipped with a door panel.

The sides and the two front wall panels are easy to unzip (YKK zippers).

This awning is equipped with:

  • solid YKK zippers
  • Mehler Airtex 240 roof cloth (all season)
  • Ladder elastics
  • Screwless attachment for the roof bars to the caravan
  • wheel flap
  • draft strip and
  • curtains (plain white)
  • YKK storm clips
  • 28mm steel frame with easy grips


  • Awning Nova 240 (awning awning)
  • Extension 2.20 x 1.40
  • storm straps
  • veranda rod
  • curved roof beam

The price of these awnings starts from €1187


You are very welcome to view the Nova 300 in our showroom at Poolmansweg 130 in Enschede (visit for opening hours)

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